builders of babel - An Overview

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The Dropa lined cavern walls with pictograms that show our Photo voltaic System and map routes Among the many stars with intersecting lines and dots. Their pictograms illustrate frail beings with round helmet-like bowls on their heads.

We have been a germ which was planted in the soil of some minds back again while in the early ‘80s and germinated in many of us during the later on a long time of that 10 years. The theory did not occur from any of us, but instead from among ‘them.’ From Those people small beginnings, we are actually however a small group (fifty+) but we're unbiased of any arranged worldview and control, and we have been organized being a cooperative that operates by consensus of all its members.

Anunnaki cycled home. First they rocketed to Mars. From Mars extended-distance spaceships raced to intercept and land on Nibiruas it moved by away from its perigee. “Benefitting from Mars’ lessen gravity as compared to Earth’s, the Anunnaki located it less complicated to move by themselves and their cargos in shuttlecraft from Earth to Mars, and there transfer to achieve Nibiru. Mars experienced water, walled constructions, roads, a hublike compound” and also the statue of Alalu’s confront. [

Alalu nuked the volcanoes to spew an ash protect about Nibiru. The bombs didn’t activate eruptions. The atmosphere’s hole grew. Alalu also despatched fifty researchers on the Asteroids for gold. A rock strike their rocket and killed them all.

A thing interrupted Ollantaytambu’s design; “stone blocks lie strewn about,” with T-cuts for poured steel clamps in them to carry the blocks jointly through earthquakes. The clamp-cuts duplicate those at Tiahanacu. “A levitation machine produced the stones leap down the road from the quarry to slides, where by the stones would be pushed more than the edge and retrieved at The underside.

“One of the stones has 32 angles. Reducing, shaping and angling of your tough granite stones was as though they were being gentle putty. White granite stones needed to be brought from terrific distances, as a result of rough terrain and rivers, down valleys and up mountains.

Inanna took Dumuzi’s body to Sumer and mummified him so he could rejoin her bodily on Nibiru, because, she claimed, Nibiran gods Are living without end [

“Partitions, conduits, receptacies, channels sort a series of water-channeling structures just one previously mentioned another; rain or spring water could stream from level to level. A massive hircular area enclosed by megalithic ashlars lies underground at a level allowing the working off from the water from the circular area–a sizable-scale gold-panning facility. The water was flowed off througth the sluice-chamber and absent throughout the labyrinth.

relates a Nibiran god “whose symbol was a looking at eye on an elliptical rod” guided four clans in boats” from Sumer to Guatemala. “The 4 clans trekked additional reading inland, split into several tribes. A single, the Mexica,

President Reagan agreed to defend Nannar’s process of ten czars that by now procedures Earth from Marduk’s incoming forces.  “The U.S. Government should formally cope with the existence of two Anunnaki camps in conflict with one another, to manage each.”

Nebuchadnezzer and destroyed the first Temple there. He mounted a puppet king, purchased worship of Marduk, and took leading citizens on the city as hostages back again to Harran.

A temple each down below a limestone hill and beneath it way too, the Hypogeum near Malta’s capital Valletta, dates again to both in advance of Noah’s flood of 11,000 BCE or from right before Thera erupted and killed Minoan hegemony during the jap Mediterranean.

This is often when Michael was told he was sitting down before the “King of the Anunnaki”. The actual name of the individual was never offered to Michael, but In fact that went down, he experienced all the reasons to feel this male was Marduk himself, who's

Andy Lloyd may be the author of the 2005 non-fiction book ‘Dim Star: The Planet X Proof”. The book developed on his Dim Star Principle navigate to these guys Site, first Established in 1999, that has witnessed more than one million readers. This operate website link consolidates the Thoughts of Zecharia Sitchin with present day science, showing how his principle of Nibiru – or even a habitable World X – might be in keeping with quite a few new discoveries concerning the outer solar procedure, and our understanding of failed dwarf stars.

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